Visit Buyspoofcard To Lean About True Privacy When Making Phone Calls

Visit Buyspoofcard To Lean About True Privacy When Making Phone Calls

Sometimes it's not wise to let someone know your real phone number. Maybe it's a prank, or maybe it's an important call that shouldn't be recorded on some else's caller ID. There are a lot of reasons to want to conceal a phone number, but it really doesn't matter why. It's the how that really matters. With spoofcard, it's possible to change the identity of the caller by displaying a different phone number, or even by changing the voice of the caller. Getting started is easy with an Android or iOS phone.

What is it?

There are a lot of ways to change a phone number on caller ID. Not all of them are convenient, and many of them are overpriced. Unlike some other methods, spoofcard is an app that can be downloaded to nearly any modern phone and installed in a few minutes. The app is free but the service isn't. Users will need to buy credits in order to use the service and make spoof calls. Credits come in packages that range from less than ten dollars on up to just under one-hundred dollars. Prices may change, so card it's important to check before making the decision to buy credits at

There's more!

There's a lot more to spoof calling than changing the number displayed on the caller ID. It's possible to make the call go straight to voicemail. This allows users to avoid confrontations or what might turn out to be an awkward conversation. It also makes it easier to pull the perfect prank if that's what the user has in mind.

If the awkward conversation in question does need to take place it can be recorded. It's not always legal to record a conversation, so it might be wise to double check that the recording is accepted. One of the best ways to do this is with verbal confirmation during the recording.

Voice augmentation is a handy little feature too. Some users might not want to let their prank victim know who is calling. This feature allows the user to remain perfectly anonymous no matter the circumstances. Even family members won't be able to recognize the caller by their voice.

If this sounds like a fun feature users can visit free spoof call trial for more detailed information about how to get started with the most anonymous calling option available. Detailed information is available at the website, and the app can be downloaded through the Android or Apple marketplace.