Croatia Tour Packages

Welcome to Croatia! A land whose rich cultural heritage is not discovered only from within the walls of numerous museums, galleries and churches, many of which today, as zero category monuments, are included in a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, but much more in that magical place on the Mediterranean, where even the shortest stroll becomes a journey down a staircase thousands of years old which takes one through a history that is at the same time turbulent, exciting and glorious. Whether walking the intricate grid of narrow white stone streets and alleys, or revelling in the teeming life of the port towns of Istria, Kvarner or Dalmatia, or climbing the green serpentines of Central Croatia to the fairy-like fortresses and castles, each step is an ever fresh experience, made special by the fact that on her territory as many as four cultural circles meet, intertwine and complement one another - west, east, Central European and the southern spirit of the Mediterranean. Croatia is a land of urban culture which numbers more cities than any other part of the Mediterranean.

Would you like to visit Croatia – The New Riviera
If you are interested in the days of antiquity, you should start from the Roman amphitheatre in Pula, through Zadar and its forum - the largest excavated forum on the eastern shores of the Adriatic - and then to the magnificent palace of Emperor Diocletian in Split. Walk through time, from the pre-Romanesque Church of St. Domnius in Zadar dating from the 9th century, to the world of the Romanesque that is the magical monument city of Trogir, or the islands of Krk and Rab. . The towns of Varaždin, Bjelovar and Vukovar glow with the splendour of the Baroque, while the heritage of the 19th century is at its best in Rijeka, Osijek and, of course, in downtown Zagreb. Please Think again – It’s Croatia, the undiscovered gem of Europe.Old World Charm , friendly people ,captivating Music, beautiful beaches, very delicious food, warm atmosphere ,natural beauty and history

Best of Croatia
In this cultural popular tour, you will travel Adriatic coast from Dubrovnik to Skradin. You will like the adventure all the landmark sights, plus some wonderful, less-known treasures of this enchanting country.

Adventures and Journey in Croatia
This active tour includes hiking in the Biokovo Mountains, rafting the Cetina River, biking the Island of Hvar, canoeing the river in Bosnia/Herzegovina and hiking through Krka National Park.

Best Gastronomy Wines of Croatia
The continental cuisine is typical for its early proto-Slavic roots and more recent contacts with established schools of gastronomy – Hungarian, Viennese, and Turkish. Meat products, freshwater fish and vegetables dominate.

The coastal region is characterized by the influences of the Greeks, Romans, Illyrians and later Mediterranean cuisines – Italian and French. It features many seafood specialties (squid, cuttlefish, octopus, shrimp, lobster...) prepared in various ways, olive oil, prosciutto, various vegetables, Dalmatian wines such as Babić, Malvasia, Prosecco and Vrbnik Žlahtina, and various liqueurs like the famous Maraschino.

In 2008, the national culinary team participated for the first time in the world encounter of chefs and pastry chefs, the Culinary Olympics held in Erfurt, Germany, and won the bronze medal.

Croatian Gastronomy
Dalmatia – Zadar - Homemade olive oil Homemade olive oil, a production tradition of 2 thousand years. The Zadar region has hundreds of thousands of olive trees used for production of homemade oil of exceptional quality and aroma. The olive growing tradition in the region is over 2000 years long, which is confirmed by the remains of processing devices in the town of Muline on the island of Ugljan. Olive oil is primarily used a condiment for seafood delicacies and boiled vegetables.